What our patients are saying

I feel so fortunate to have gone through my fertility journey with Anova. When you walk in, you are greeted by the friendliest admin staff and the clinic is just beautiful. I found Dr. Mahmoud to be very patient, professional and comprehensive in how he approached testing and treatments/care. The nursing team was supportive and helpful every step of the way. And we are finally pregnant, after years of nothing working. Thank you, Anova!
I was a patient at Anova back in June 2020 during the pandemic so I unfortunately wasn’t able to have my husband with me. It was scary having to go through it “alone” and I know my husband was sad he couldn’t be there as this was for our first baby. But given the circumstances, my experience was wonderful. They did a thorough assessment and found the exact reason as to why I was having trouble TTC on my own. They explained the plan and followed me closely throughout my cycle and we were blessed with a healthy baby boy who is now 14 months and thriving! All the staff I encountered - from front desk, to the lovely bloodwork ladies, to the lovely ultrasound ladies, and nurses/doctors who helped explain my results - truly made my experience a positive one and our family wouldn’t be what it is today without Anova ❤️
I am a first time IVF patient and was so nervous with my older age that we wouldn't be successful. When I heard other patients egg retrieval counts I was in tears to find out we only had 3. However when I got the call to see how many fertilized we were blessed with 2. Now Dr Murad wants to wait till my December cycle to start 1 embryo transfer as she doesn't want both at once for a more successful pregnancy. Now it's a waiting game to hope I have a successful implant. Please pray for us. The doctors and nurses are so nice and comforting and made our first experience amazing.
After not getting pregnant with 2 other fertility doctors, a friend told me to try Anova because she had just gotten pregnant through IVF. My 3rd IVF (but 1st at Anova) I am in the 2nd trimester with frozen embryos waiting. The clinic was always organized and clean and the staff were kind and supportive. We are so happy with our experience and would recommended to others!
I chose to use Anova to help me freeze my eggs for future family planning. Everyone at the clinic (receptionists, bloodwork techs, ultrasound techs, nurses/doctors) was nothing short of lovely. To be honest, I was naive going into the egg freezing process and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was high risk for OHSS and was very well taken care of. If you're planning for your future and are considering freezing your eggs, I highly highly recommend Anova. I can now focus on my career and live my life and know that my eggs are there for me if/when I need them.​
The nurses here are so so sweet! I was terrified and so nervous with everything but Nurse Halina comforted me and took extra good care of me. Thank you Dr. Mahmoud, Dr. Bereir and team for supporting me through my journey!​
I could not be more pleased with the excellent service we received at Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health!! We received an appointment within two weeks. This was of the upmost importance to us, as timing is of the essence with fertility. As these appointments are extremely personal, I was very pleased to know I would be seeing a female doctor who specializes in Fertility and who has gone through the process herself. Dr. Marjorie Dixon's vast experience, knowledge and professionalism in assessing our needs in the commencement of our journey was incredible. We are beyond grateful to you and your astounding team! Thank you for all that you do.​