Why success rates matter

While you want to have confidence in your care team, and be comfortable in the atmosphere of the clinic – a fertility clinic is only as good as its embryology lab.

When choosing a fertility clinic, patients should be able to ask how often treatment at the clinic results in a healthy pregnancy. A good fertility clinic will be able and open to give information related to the success rates for their patients who underwent care.

Its important to remember that success rates are mainly provided for IVF, as opposed to less complex procedures such as IUI (intrauterine insemination). While many couples we see have high hopes for IUI, in many cases it is a step along the journey as the success rate is not very high for this type of treatment.

Some good numbers to keep in mind:

The likelihood of a healthy couple in their early 30s or younger getting pregnant on any given menstrual cycle

Source: ASRM

Couples in Canada will need support to get pregnant

Source: Public Health

The average success rate of getting pregnant using IUI, depending on the underlying fertility issue

Source: Fertility IQ

At Anova, our goal is to understand your family building goals, including how many children you hope your family to include.  With that goal in mind, we will make clinically appropriate recommendations to help you achieve those goals in your desired timeline.  IUI may or may not be part of our recommendations.

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