Our staff at Anova Fertility have the expertise and compassion to manage the treatment cycles of Intended Parent(s) and their chosen donors.

The most common reasons intended parents seek sperm donation include:

  • Single or same sex couple and require donor sperm to build your family
  • Couples with severe, untreatable male factor infertility
  • A known genetic (inherited) condition in the family that you want to avoid passing on to your childrenOr can specify IF, but need to specify IM above

At Anova Fertility, we accept Known Sperm Donors (i.e. friend or relative) as well as donor sperm from a few, regulated and reputable sperm banks. 

Is sperm donation regulated?

Patients considering sperm or egg donation should know that thorough screening is carried out and documented on all donor samples available through sperm/egg banks, according to Health Canada federal regulations. This screening involves a thorough family history, complete medical, social and sometimes psychological history, blood group information, genetic screening and screening for transmissible diseases. 

As part of the regulated guidelines, all donated sperm must be quarantined for a period of 6 months to ensure that the donor still screens negative for infectious diseases such as HIV after initial testing. Clinics that store and distribute donor sperm are inspected by Health Canada every five years.

Fertility clinics who help patients who will be using donated gametes, should be registered with Health Canada. Make sure to ask when you are working with your fertility clinic if they have a dedicated Third Party Program team, and if they have a Health Canada registration number.

Choosing your donor

When choosing sperm from a sperm bank, you will have the opportunity to select your donor from an available catalogue. Donor choice can be based on medical history, ethnic background, physical or social characteristics, and other aspects.

Fertility counsellors and lawyers

Once sperm donation has been determined to be a necessary step in your journey to parenthood, contacting a fertility lawyer to determine your legal rights and your options to finding a sperm donor is essential to a successful outcome. 

As part of the sperm donation process, all couples considering this option must meet with a reproductive counsellor. This is an important step in the process as it allows for comprehensive discussion of the decision making process, taking into consideration the impact choices may have on the individual, couple and future child.

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