Integrated Care


Taking care of your whole self

While most people come to Anova because they are looking for top-quality fertility care, it takes more than expert medical advice to support a person undergoing fertility treatments.

We believe that patients who are able to approach care with a healthy mind and body are most likely to manage the twists and turns of their fertility journey.

Furthermore, we recognize the role other integrated wellness providers may play in achieving that holistic health. This is why we work closely with multiple care providers.

Mental wellbeing and emotional support

The toll that fertility care takes on a person and a couple can be significant. We encourage everyone in our patient community to build a strong and varied support network. While relying on close friends and family can be valuable, there are more options to consider as well, such as:

Virtual support groups

We have two channels available to our patients free of charge:

  • Our peer support Facebook group, a private group for current patients to connect, share and support each other.
  • Our virtual support groups, which are led by a fertility counsellor, and which meet monthly to talk about experiences with primary infertility.

Individual or couples counselling

Many of our patients tell us that working directly with a fertility counsellor has helped them navigate their fertility journey. To see a list of our partnering counsellors, please visit our resources page.

Support for solo parents-to-be

Led by a mother who underwent fertility treatment to become a solo parent, the Thinkers & Tryers group meets monthly. There is a $5 fee to participate.

Self-led tools

Many programs and apps are available that promote self-guided reflection and coping strategies for the fertility community. Consider trying FertiCalm, an app that’s been a much appreciated resource for our patients, and even for members of our healthcare team.

Fertility Matters

This national organization helps Canadians reach their reproductive health goals by promoting equal access to fertility treatments and by providing support, awareness, information and education.


Optimizing for pregnancy

At Anova, we work closely with a range of integrated wellness providers, and support patients in including holistic care methods in their care plan.

Those methods include:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Naturopathic doctors
  • Massage therapists
  • Pelvic floor physiotherapy
  • Dieticians
  • Physiotherapists and fitness instructors

Empowerment through knowledge

Every fertility journey is unique, and our role is to inform, support and guide every aspiring parent toward what we believe to be the best clinical recommendations. We believe that the better you understand the science and technology that is being recommended, the more confident you will feel every step of the way.

Online education modules

We send every patient video modules throughout their journey to help explain the different tests, procedures and medications we’ve recommended for them.

Virtual and in-person teaching sessions with your nursing team:

After completing our online education modules, the patient will be ready for individual teaching with a member of their Anova nursing team.

Legal considerations

There are legal considerations to be aware of when undergoing fertility care. Knowing in advance how to handle topics such as legal parentage is important, especially with third party reproduction. To see a list of fertility lawyers that our patients have worked with in the past, please visit our resources page.