Egg Donation

Egg Donation

Our staff at Anova Fertility have the expertise and compassion to manage the treatment cycles of Intended Parent(s) and their chosen donors.

The most common reasons intended parents seek egg donation include:

• You are unable to get pregnant using your own eggs, because of infertility or some other physical condition you have.

• You are single or a same sex couple, and donor eggs are needed to build your family.

• There is a known genetic (inherited) condition in your family that you want to avoid passing on to your children.

• Egg Donation can be either anonymous or from a known donor (i.e. relative or friend).

Once egg donation has been determined to be a necessary step in your journey to parenthood, contacting a fertility lawyer to determine your legal rights and your options to finding an egg donor is essential to a successful outcome. Please refer to our Resource page for experienced lawyers infertility.

As part of the egg donation process, all couples considering this option must meet with our reproductive counsellor. This is an important step in the process as it allows for discussion of the decision making process as well as consideration of the impact choices may make on the individual, couple and child.