For people who are just starting their fertility journey, learning that you may want to speak to a lawyer specialized in fertility can be unexpected

Fertility lawyers are used in a number of situations, to guide patients around some of the considerations that should be discussed in advance by the future parents.

Here are a few examples of questions that a fertility lawyer might discuss:

  • How will our egg donor or surrogate be involved in our child’s life? 
  • If embryos have been created and remain safely in storage, but the couple is no longer together, who can use the embryos for a future pregnancy?
  • What is a legal parentage declaration, and do I need one?

Fertility lawyers are an important part of a third party fertility journey, which is when a person or a couple is using the help of a third party, such as an egg donor, sperm donor, embryo donor and/or a surrogate, to build their family.  Fertility lawyers provide legal advice and guidance about the legal framework relevant to the use of third party assisted reproductive technologies.

Below are some of the fertility lawyers Anova has worked with in the past: 

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