Dr. Alyse Goldberg




Dr. Alyse Goldberg obtained her Medical Degree from the University of Toronto and completed her residency training in Internal Medicine at Western University where she served as one of the chief medical residents. She returned to University of Toronto to complete her training in Endocrinology and then a clinical fellowship focusing on reproductive endocrinology at Women’s College Hospital.  During her training she has received awards for outstanding contributions in medical education.  She has published research articles on a variety of topics, including reproductive and gestational endocrinology. She has a special interest in Polycystic ovarian syndrome and thyroid disease in patients with infertility. 

Dr. Goldberg’s Endocrinology practice focuses on managing hormonal conditions in reproductive age women, many of who are attempting to conceive.  She is driven to offer compassionate and personalized care to her patients. She also works as a part of the Women’s and Babies team at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre managing patients with gestational diabetes.  .


I chose to focus my clinical fellowship and current practice on reproductive endocrine conditions as these patients benefit from focused care early in their lives that will benefit their short and long term reproductive and metabolic health.

Everyone has their own story. There are lots of available support and interventions that exist to help you achieve your goals.