At Anova, we want you to have total clarity, so that you can make every decision with confidence. Below we’ve listed various steps we might take together to help you achieve your fertility goals. Have a look and feel free to reach out with any and all questions.

We recognize that your history, your situation, and your goals are unique, and we believe your treatment plan should be too.


We’ll begin by sitting down with you and discussing your fertility care needs.

We’ll go over your present goals, review your medical and reproductive history, go over your care options, and answer all your questions.

Our goal in this first meeting is to learn about you and empower you with all the knowledge you need.

Cost: Covered by OHIP

egg freezing

Egg Freezing

During this appointment, we’ll discuss the benefits of egg freezing and determine if it aligns with your reproductive health goals.

Egg freezing is an investment in your future, and we want you to have all the information you need to decide if this is the right time for you to make that investment.

Cost: Complimentary

Initial Testing

(If required)
test tubes final

This simple blood test gives us insight into the number of eggs remaining in your ovaries. It’s a routine diagnostic procedure that helps us design the best treatment plan for you.

Cost: $130

We use abdominal and internal ultrasounds, plus a specialized ultrasound called a sonohysterogram, to check the health of your ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.

Cost: Covered by OHIP

A semen analysis will give your care team vital information about the quality and quantity of sperm. This helps us determine the potential effectiveness of different fertility treatment plans. 

Cost: Covered by OHIP

Preserving Your Fertility

preserving your fertility

An egg freezing cycle takes approximately 10-14 days. During this time, we use IVF medications to stimulate your ovaries, causing the development of multiple mature eggs. Those eggs will be retrieved by a physician during a 30-minute procedure and immediately frozen for future use. From your first consultation to completion, the entire process can take as little as eight weeks. 

Cost: $8,999

Exclusions: The first year of storage is included in the price above, but the IVF medications required are not. These medications can range in price from $5,000-$9,000+, depending on the responsiveness of the individual patient.

Sperm can be frozen in our on-site lab for fertility preservation purposes. 

Cost: $850 (initial semen collection + the first year of storage is included)

Additional Sperm Freezing (if required): $1,010 (repeat semen collection + storage fee)

Fertility Treatments

fertility treatments

A timed intercourse cycle is the least invasive way of improving the odds of natural conception. We often pair this protocol with medications to ensure mature egg(s) are being produced, which further increases the likelihood of success. 

Cost: Covered by OHIP

Exclusions: Medication costs may apply and could vary between $30-$2,000+

IUI is the process of placing sperm directly into the uterus to assist in achieving a pregnancy. We often pair this protocol with medications to ensure mature egg(s) are being produced, which further increases the likelihood of success.

Cost: Covered by Ontario Fertility Program (OFP)

Exclusions: Mandatory sperm wash ($750). Medication costs may apply and could range from $500-$3,000+.

IVF includes the process of stimulating and retrieving multiple eggs and fertilizing them with sperm to create embryos. 

Cost: $13,999 (Does not include medication the cost of which could range from $5,000-$9,000+.)

The biopsy and genetic testing of an embryo helps us determine which embryos should be transferred to the uterus to attempt pregnancy. 

Cost: $5,000 (up to five embryos)

FET is the thawing and transferring of a previously frozen embryo into your uterus. Leading up to the transfer, we use medication to ensure the best possible conditions at the time of transfer. Embryo glue will be applied to the embryo for optimal results.

Cost: $3,350

Exclusions: Medication costs may apply and could vary between $500-$1,000+.

*Prices are subject to change