Funded IUI, IVF and Fertility Preservation Services Program

In December 2015, the Ontario Government created a new Fertility Services Program to assist families with the costs of assisted reproductive technologies

This Program gives eligible patients with a valid Ontario health card the ability to receive subsidized IUI, IVF and/or Fertility Preservation treatment.

What is included?

Fertility treatment

Am I eligible? 


  • Ontario resident with a valid OHIP card.


  • Ontario resident with a valid OHIP card.
  • Under the age of 43 years old.
  • Limited to one cycle per patient per lifetime
  • one-at-a-time transfer of all viable embryos (single embryo transfer).

Fertility preservation

  • Fertility Preservation for a medical reason.
    An example of this would be a cancer patient freezing their sperm or eggs before undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Ontario resident with a valid OHIP card.
  • Under the age of 43 years old.

What is not included?

  • • Medications 
  • • Purchasing of genetic material (eggs and/or sperm)
  • • Specific procedures which may be deemed necessary (eg: sperm wash)
  • • Genetic Testing (PGT-A or PGT-M) 
  • • Storage of genetic material (frozen eggs, embryos and/ or sperm)

How it works?

Anova is one of the fertility centres authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Health to provide funded fertility treatments. Since the total funding amount is limited each year, there might be a wait time to access certain funded services.

Prior to your cycle start, you are required to sign a written consent in order to participate in this program. This consent allows Anova Fertility to disclose your Ontario health card number to the province to be validated for funding. 

If you are currently a patient with the clinic, please contact your care team Funding concierge to discuss our current estimated timing for the funded procedure that is relevant to your care plan.

If you are not currently a patient, please contact your Physician for a referral to Anova Fertility.


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