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About the position

The role of the Nurse Team Lead requires collaborative relationships both within and outside of the nursing profession. Reporting to Mohammed Munim as the Director of Clinical Operations and assigned physicians, the Nurse Team Lead will work autonomously carrying out the clinical practice and delegated medical acts. This requires close collaboration with the attending physician and excellent communication with clinic staff and patients. The Nurse Team Lead will participate in establishing and maintaining standards of practice, policies and procedures at Anova Fertility and Reproductive health.


The Nurse Team Lead performs the following duties:

Clinical Practice

●      The primary responsibility of the Nurse Team Lead is to use her theoretical and clinical expertise delivering nursing care in a culturally sensitive, ethical and non-judgmental manner.

●      Provides nursing care to all patients and their families in a collaborative interdisciplinary team environment.

●      Promotes a learning environment within the clinic and is responsible for teaching patients about their treatment.

●      Act as an effective team member by sharing opinions, debating issues and aligning personal objectives with those of the team.

●      Liaise with the other staff and maintains standards of clinical practice as prescribed by the professional body of the CNO.

●      Consistently demonstrates sound judgment, compassion, empathy, tolerance and sensitivity in all interactions while maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality.

●      Actively participates in Cycle Monitoring, documenting instructions given to patients, contacts patients with test results and medication instructions from the physician as well as offers counselling and support as needed.

●      Performs artificial intrauterine insemination and gives injections.

●      Follow-up instructions with patients, explaining the program in detail, providing further information and literature packages as required.

●      Works toward the ultimate goal of attaining the highest possible patient satisfaction and the least adverse effects.

●      Send all pertinent and up-to-date patients’ information to IVF Centres to book procedures and coordinates with the covering physician, Embryology laboratory and patients.

●      Coordinates shipping of frozen biological material to other IVF Centres locally and internationally.

●      Participates in professional associations at regional/national and international levels.



●      Participates in recruitment and interview process and provides input into selection of all nursing staff, in conjunction with the Director of Clinical Operations.

●      Directs, supervises and coordinates the activities of all Cycle Monitoring nursing staff by performing duties such as scheduling and coordinating work assignments (including appropriate weekend and stat holiday coverage), evaluating employees’ performances and determining related training and orientation requirements.

●      Determines staff training and development needs; develops and conducts in-service presentations and sources appropriate resources as required for staff and students.  Ensures all nursing staff have necessary licensing and life saving certification and request evidence of such on an annual basis from staff.

●      Participates in the development of policies, procedures and standards, as they relate to treatment of infertility patients and their families.

●      Develops and maintains all nursing policy and procedure manuals as required and ensure all nursing staff review and sign off on these changes, when made.

●      Assists with planning and implementation of changes within the assisted reproductive therapies services.

●      Participates in appropriate staff committees such as quality control, fire safety, WHMIS, and Ethics as required.

●      Works as a liaison with the Operations and Finance Department and assists in preparation of MOH reports for funded IVF cases.

●      Ensures nursing staff are entering all required data related to funded IUI, funded IVF and non-funded IVF cycles are entered into the Anova databases in preparation for BORN data regular data transmission.

●      Regularly audits the computerized database systems used by Anova to ensure nursing staff are recording appropriate communications and notes in the medical records according to standards set by the CNO and CPSO and Anova.

●      Regularly performs audits on Anova infection control cleaning practices, Clinic and OR equipment, and reviews all logs kept by nursing staff (drugs, equipment, and maintenance, infection control) to ensure nursing staff are compliant with IHF and OHPIP licensing requirements.  Addresses any issues with staff and makes any necessary changes to nursing policies and procedures as a result.

●      Prepares site for visitation by IHF, OHPIP, Health Canada or any other licensing body that Anova Fertility is required for certification and licensing.

●      Orders or delegates the ordering of drug supplies based on upcoming patient needs in both the Clinic and IVF Centre and ensures inventory records are kept according to the mandate of the CPSO.  Review drug supply inventory to record drug inventory expiry dates and arrange for the safe discarding of expired medication.


●      College Diploma or BScN

●      Current certificate of registration with the CNO

●      Member of RPNAO or RNO

●      5 years of experience in assisted reproductive technologies and/or gynecology

●      Current BCLS/ACLS, CPR, First Aid certification

●      Commitment to shared leadership and team based decision making

●      Demonstrated supervisory skills in the recruitment, training and supervision of staff

●      Experience working in a facility governed by OHPIP or IHF

●      Demonstrates excellent critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills

●      Ability to manage conflicting demands (e.g. unexpected procedure time changes, equipment availability.




Working Conditions

●      7 day per week operation

●      Clinic opens at 7

●      Daily use of sharp equipment such as needles, IV tubing, etc

●      Office equipment including: computers, fax machines, printers, scanners, phones

●      Use of software including eIVF, Accuro EMR, Payworks, email, etc

●      Daily use of chemicals such as Metriclean



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