Family Forming Benefits

An increasing number of employers are offering family forming benefits to their employees. Our Anova team regularly works with benefits providers to help coordinate the coverage of fertility care.  Connect with our Client Care team today to learn more. 

Employers who provide family forming benefits

Below are a list of companies who currently offer family forming benefits*. If you do not see your company listed, we have developed resources below to share with your employer.

Apple (Canada): Egg freezing and storage
Bank of Montreal: $20,000 for fertility treatments, $20,000 for medication, $20,000 for surrogacy expenses
Chanel: Unlimited coverage for fertility care
CIBC: $30,000 for fertility treatments and medication, and $15,000 for surrogacy expenses
Cisco: $50,000 for fertility treatments, $20,000 for surrogacy or donor costs
Coke Canada: $20,000 for fertility treatments, $20,000 for medication
Deloitte (US): $15,000 for IVF treatments
Facebook: $100,000 for up to 4 IVF cycles, egg freezing
Fidelity Canada: $15,000 for IVF
Ford Canada: Undisclosed amount for fertility medications
Google: $75,000 for IVF treatment, egg freezing, surrogacy expenses
KPMG: Undisclosed amount for fertility treatments, medication, and surrogacy related expenses
League: $5,000 for IVF or similar fertility treatments
LinkedIn: $100,000 for 3 IVF cycles

Manulife: Up to $20,000 for fertility treatments, medication and surrogacy support
Microsoft: $50,000 for IVF, egg freezing
Pinterest: 2 cycles of IVF, 1 cycle of egg freezing, surrogacy benefits
PwC: $10,000 for fertility treatments, $10,000 for medication 
Royal Bank of Canada: $20,000 for fertility treatments, $20,000 for medication, $20,000 for surrogacy related expenses
Salesforce: $75,000 for 3 IVF cycles 
Scotiabank: $30,000 for fertility treatments and surrogacy expenses
Spotify: Unlimited IVF cycles
Snap Inc: $65,000 for fertility treatments, $130,000 for surrogacy or donor costs
Starbucks: $35,000 for fertility treatments and surrogacy
Sunlife Canada: $15,000 for fertility treatments and medicine
TD Bank: $20,000 for each partner for fertility treatments, medication and surrogacy
Telus: $15,000 for fertility treatments and medication
Walmart: Undisclosed amount for fertility treatments

How Does Offering Family Forming Benefits Help Employers?

Supports talent recruitment and retention

In a 2019 survey, over 78% of participants indicated it is important to them that their insurance cover fertility treatment. Demand for family forming benefits is increasing exponentially, and many employees are willing to change jobs to get them. Providing these benefits allows your company to better attract, retain and support your team members.

Improves team morale

Family building is an emotional journey that can take a toll on physical, emotional and financial well-being. A supported employee is a happy employee, and companies with high morale are more productive, have higher retention and deliver better quality.

Promotes diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace

Providing equitable and inclusive family forming benefits to 2SLGBTQI+ employees shows tangible steps toward positive change.



What benefits do employees need covered?

 If the family forming benefits offered by your current health insurance provider do not cover what you need, you can seek coverage through an external insurance provider such as Carrot or Progyny, both of which specialize in fertility benefits. The following benefits should be covered through a family forming benefits program:

Employees: How to approach your employer about family forming benefits

  1. Learn about the insurance coverage on your current plan. Are any family forming benefits already offered? Do you need specific coverage?

  2. Determine who makes benefits and coverage decisions. Human resources should be able to tell you the best person to contact about changing your company’s current benefits plan.

  3. Reach out to this individual or team via email or phone, or request an in-person meeting to make your case. 

  4. After you have contacted the individual or team, make sure to follow up after some time has passed to check in on the progress toward coverage of your fertility benefits.

Our team is here to help. Contact us today for additional resources to support your discussion with your employer.


* Company benefits listed above are subject to change without notice.