Family building for lesbian women

Building your family requires a great deal of commitment, as many steps will need to be taken.

At Anova Fertility, we strictly adhere to ASRM and FDA guidelines, fully screening all prospective donors both medically and emotionally prior to moving ahead with a treatment plan. For more information see the ‘Collaborative Family Counselling & Assessment‘ tab.

Therapeutic Donor Insemination (TDI), which is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) using donor sperm, and In Vitro Fertilization will be part of the process. For more information on these procedures, click below:

Something you may wish to consider is Reciprocal IVF (also known as Co-maternity or Cooperative Pregnancy), where both partners can participate in the pregnancy: one partner contributes her eggs for fertilization with donor sperm, and the other carries the pregnancy.

Our team will help coordinate anonymous donor services based on your needs. Investment varies based on the agency selected as a service provider. You should be aware:

  • The agencies (donor banks) – are responsible for ensuring donor candidates have no meaningful health issues, and that they are free of infection or communicable disease. Future availability of donor specimens may also be offered if needed.
  • Information provided about each the donor varies by agency, and an investment donor companies will be assessed for the initial profile selection process, as well as for long-form donor profiles requested and there could be an additional cost for more information.

Some diagnoses may require additional intervention (including donor eggs) and – speed bumps that your Fertility Specialist can address these after your initial tests for:

  • Donor egg services
  • Ovulation disorders
  • PCOS
  • Advanced maternal age

To book a consultation appointment, please have your family doctor complete and submit a referral to us. You can find our referral forms on the ‘Get a Referral‘ tab of our website.

We have now reopened and are booking appointments with new COVID-19 protocols in place:

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