Family building for gay men

Building a family requires more unique care. They require an egg donor, a gestational carrier (also known as a surrogate or gestational surrogate) and IVF are all a part of the process. Click here for more information about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Anova Fertility helps coordinate surrogate and anonymous donor services based on your needs. Investment varies based on the agency selected as a service provider. You should be aware:

  • The donor banks are responsible for ensuring donor candidates have no meaningful health or emotional issues, that they are free of infection or communicable disease, and most offer the benefit of future availability. Information provided about the donor varies by agency, and on the depth of the donor profile(s) selected.
  • Surrogate or gestational surrogate services are similarly vetted and coordinated.

Please recognize at Anova Fertility all ASRM and FDA guidelines are strictly adhered to, fully screening prospective donors both medically and emotionally. For more information, please visit our ‘Collaborative Family Planning Counselling & Assessment‘ tab on our website.

To book a consultation appointment, please have your family doctor complete and submit a referral to us. You can find our referral forms under the ‘Get a Referral‘ tab of our website.

We have now reopened and are booking appointments with new COVID-19 protocols in place:

Please call us for more information or to book an appointment 

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