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When you first see a Fertility Specialist they do a number of medical tests to determine where you are in your fertility life cycle. One of the important tests that helps doctors determine your fertility plan is called an Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test. The AMH test shows the amount of the protein hormone produced by your granulosa cells (cells lining the egg sacs or follicles) this informs us of your ovary reserve. In addition to the AMH test, you will be required to participate in Cycle Monitoring. The female body is constantly changing every month due to many factors (environment, stress, etc.) Cycle Monitoring helps us not only map your menstrual cycle, but provides the Fertility Specialist with dynamic information about your ovulatory function.

The fertility process to conceive is slightly different for the single man. A man would be required to provide a semen analysis to determine his fertility health, with additional blood work.

After your fertility tests results have been reviewed by your fertility specialist, you will be given the below options to explore depending on your circumstances:

Sperm Donation – Sperm Donation is an essential way to have a baby for many people. It enables pregnancy in women who are single, in same-sex relationships or for men who are sterile. Sperm is chosen from a sperm bank; you will be given the opportunity to choose your sperm from an online catalogue. Before the online sperm selection phase, patients considering this option must meet with a reproductive counsellor.

Egg Donation – Women may need Egg Donation because they are unable to get pregnant using their own eggs, because of infertility or some other physical condition. Men who are in a same sex relationship or choose to have a family on their own will also look into Egg Donation. Once egg donation has been determined, you would need to contact a fertility lawyer and meet with our reproductive counsellor.  

GestationalSurrogacy –  Surrogacy describes the relationship between a women, who agrees to bear a child, and another person(s) who will be legal parent(s). There are several reasons that a gestational surrogate may be used other than for same sex male couples or single men. Some serious medical conditions prevent a women from getting pregnant or carrying a fetus to term or may cause harm to a woman or the fetus. If this rout has been determine to be the best option for you, you would need to contact a fertility lawyer and meet with our reproductive counsellor.    

Fertility Procedure Options for Singles

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) - The healthy sperm are isolated, washed and prepared in the lab. The sperm are then placed into a medium that promotes fertility. Finally, a small catheter is used to transfer the sperm into the uterus.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) - When conception happens naturally, an egg which has been released from an ovary is fertilized by sperm in a female’s fallopian tube. Through IVF, the process of fertilization occurs in a lab, where embryologists combine the eggs and sperm. Successfully fertilized eggs are then transferred into the woman’s uterus for further development.


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