The Ways that a Fertility Specialist Can Help You


How can our fertility specialist help you get pregnant?

As a teenager, teachers and parents enforced the message of how easy it was to get pregnant. As a result, most people spent their younger years focused on contraception, now you’re actively pursuing pregnancy – but nothing is happening. What should you do?

It may be time to explore what a fertility specialist can do for you. A fertility specialist can address your particular concerns about fertility, provide you with information on fertility, and advise you on the next steps, including treatment options, on your journey to grow your family.

When to see a fertility specialist  

The general definition of infertility – is If you have been having regular, unprotected sex for a year (6 months if you’re a woman over the age of 35) and you still aren’t pregnant, it may mean you are infertile and that it is time to see a fertility specialist. A rule of thumb is that women who are over 37 do not need to wait 6 months before seeing a doctor, because waiting too long to seek help could harm the chances of conceiving.

If you have a history of irregular or painful periods, pelvic pain, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), repeated miscarriages, or if you partner has a low sperm count of a history of testicular, prostate, or sexual problems you will want to see a fertility specialist sooner.

Preparing for your appointment at Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health

Before visiting Anoava Fertility we do recommend that you read the below topics:

Cycle Monitoring

Funded IUI

Funded IVF

Funded IVF Wait List Policy

Some people may feel a bit embarrassed or nervous talking about fertility. However, no one should feel that way, talking to a fertility specialist is an important first step for those who need assistance in trying to conceive. It may make things easier if you have a list of questions you want to address in your meeting prepared in advance.

Referral to Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health

Family doctors are important gatekeepers to fertility specialist, also called a reproductive endocrinologist (REI). To become an Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health patient we will need a referral from your family doctor. Your family doctor will fax us your referral and our Anova Fertility team will contact you with your appointment details.

Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health Referral Form

I hope that the above blog entry helps with the start of your fertility journey. Please email Anova Ferility at for fertility topics you would like addressed, leave comments below and share this blog entry with friends and loved ones who would find it useful.


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