Having outside help to start your family


What is Collaborative Family Planning?

Collaborative Family Planning (or you might know it as "third party reproduction") refers to the use of donor egg (oocyte), donor sperm and/or gestational carrier services. It can make pregnancy possible for individuals and couples who might otherwise not have options for having a child.

Who uses Collaborative Family Planning?

• Heterosexual couples when the male partner has no sperm or a low sperm count (donor sperm).

• Single or lesbian women (donor sperm). Single men and gay couples (donor eggs, gestational carrier).

• Single men and gay couples (donor eggs, gestational carrier).

• Women who are unable to provide their own eggs because of age, a genetic disorder, premature ovarian failure or treatment for a medical condition like cancer (donor eggs).

• Fertile couples who are worried about passing along harmful genes to a child (donor sperm, donor eggs).

• Women who have an irregular or missing uterus, or for whom other assisted reproduction services have failed (gestational carrier).

What are some considerations to be aware of with using an egg donor, sperm donor and/or gestational surrogate?

The benefit of this porcess is that it allows people to have a baby who otherwise would be unable.  However, it can be difficult to find available donor eggs and sperm or gestational carriers.  In Canada, there is no legislation that clearly spells out the rights and responsibilities of donors and intended parents.  The Assisted Human Reproduction Act, makes it difficult to obtain donor sperm and eggs and to find a gestational carrier, because it makes reimbursement for these services illegal (beyond receiptable expenses related to the cycle).  The doctors at Anova Fertility provide a variety of donor services for our patients. Please contact the office or have your doctor fax over a referral for a more complete discussion of your options for third party ART.

By Dr. Marjorie Dixon

Posted by: Dr. Marjorie Dixon


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