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You may not know this, but that is okay. This is what I am here for :) It is National Cervical Cancer Awareness week, October 17-21, 2016!

Ladies, please pay attention. This is IMPORTANT!

Last year an estimated 380 women died from cervical cancer in Canada. The vast majority of these women did not have regular Pap smears. In contrast, regular Pap smears saved over 1200 Canadian women from developing cervical cancer in 2015.

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women worldwide. There is a higher incidence of cervical cancer in developing countries, simply because they do not have easy access to Pap tests like we do here in Canada.

For all women who are sexually active and between the ages of 25-69, I strongly urge you to have your Pap test updated. Having regular Pap tests every 3 years could save your life, and is still the best method of prevention against cervical cancer.  So make sure you book your Pap test today!

Pap tests. A little awkward for a lot of peace of mind.


Dr. Zahra Sharif MD, CCFP

About Dr. Sharif:

Dr. Sharif’s specialty is in women’s health. She helps women keep on top of their health by providing them with non-surgical gyne support. This includes: sexual health/STIs, abnormal vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, bleeding; menopausal symptoms/counselling, routine paps, contraception, etc.

A referral is not needed to see Dr. Sharif, you can contact us via phone at 416-225-4440 or email to book an appointment.

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